Luz Marina

Saturday, 28 July 2007

shoes and stickers

Luz has been very interested in putting her shoes on lately, she mantains her balance quite well while doing so. Of course she mixes left and right half of the time but she is obviously happy to be able to do it. She will try on any shoe that crosses her path. The other thing she's recently taken pleasure with is stickers. At her nursery children would be often rewarded with one (star shaped) and I had, up to now, thought Luz wasn't interested, but just few days ago she picked up a yellow star her brother had cut from a piece of paper and she gave it to me showing that she wanted me to stick it on her. "you are a star!" I told her as they would say at her nursery whenever a child was "awarded" a star sticker... and did my best to tangle the star clipping in a fold on her dress. She was very proud of herself (and so was I... so happy she could relate her brother's cut-out with the nursery's star stickers!).

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Luz started signing again, after almost a year of havng stopped she "recovered" the sign for more following her very first sign for bottle (milk, actually). As if asking for her bottle and seeing our reaction triggered something that brought the other sign back. So she's using two signs now, though she will sometimes just sign for milk because she wants something, even if it's not related to her drink (and there goes the guessing game)