Luz Marina

Friday, 5 January 2007

summary: birth to 3y

Luz Marina is three years old since September last year, that makes 3 years and 4 months next week.
We have a diagnosis since past summer, but we thought there might be something troubling her since her first months when she would cry non stop, then suspected some motor delay around six months and then strongly suspected a problem towards her first birthday. Around that time Luz was not very curious, didn't make much eye contact, did not react to her name, made very few sounds and was still behind in her motor skills. Of course she was lovely and we always managed to make her laugh and giggle and sometimes she
just seemed lazy and layed back but we couldn't stop telling ourselves that she was different in a more literal way.

So in
January 2005 we managed to get an appointment with a neurologist and a pediatrician in a specialised centre in Paris were we lived at that time. Since then it has been appointments with different professionals non-stop. But also a lot of progress. Luz started to give her first steps a bit before her second birthday, to walk short distances a bit after her birthday and to walk confidently about 2y 6m. No running yet, but very quick walking. Luz is able to climb the steps to her mini slide, and manages to coordinate all the movements necessary to sit and slide. She is doing so since the month before her third birthday. At the same time she's started to climb onto the couch unaided and best of all: to spoon feed herself. Not long after starting school at Merrivale Nursery Luz started to go up and down stairs on her own, either holding the handrail or placing her hand on the wall. She does this with a lot of caution, but very sure of herself at the same time.

Luz has no verbal language. She makes few sounds, mostly vowels with few consonants. She used to sign for more (makaton) but has stopped for the moment. She has her own way of signing for a request, that is tilting her head while pulling someone's hand to it, or to the thing she's requesting or both (first her head, then the object). She is also able to ask things by means of picture exchange, though this is not generalised yet.