Luz Marina

Friday, 23 March 2007


The picture shows Luz delicately (and dreamily) pinching her aunt's thigh, while having a rest and a cuddle on her lap. She used to gently pinch somebody's cheek if approached closely, but as a sign of affection, really, because if she wasn't interested she'd just push you away. Over the past month or so, she has gradually stopped "pinching" and passed to hair stroking and picking on some strands as if to look and feel them (sometimes pulling a little in spite of her friendly intentions).She particularly likes to stroke her brother's hair and though he's not always willing, he does enjoy the new attention.

Friday, 16 March 2007

bubbles, mum!

Luz has some picture cards on a magnetic board.
The board has the same pictures than those on the cards so you always put each picture card on the matching picture on the board.
Luz uses these cards to ask for the object pictured. She will take a card and give it to an adult.
This is known as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).
She never points to one of the pictures on the board simply because she doesn't point (yet).
There are usually three cards on our board, with their matching pictures.
Well today, quite in coherence with the chaos all around the house, none of the picture cards where on their place. Actually, I was trying to tidy up when Luz took my hand and pulled me towards the picture board. She aproached my hand to the bubble bottle picture AND she neatly placed her index finger on the bubble picture she was showing me.
This is the first time she has so clearly indicated something with her finger. She soon repeated the action when the bubbles stopped and she couldn't see the bubble bottle anywhere (I had hidden it)... she just needed a little prompting. Since I new she wanted more, I took her to the board and asked "┬┐cual?" (which one?) and she answered by touching the bubble picture again! Luz really loves bubbles. Things she likes so much can be part of our tools for communication.