Luz Marina

Monday, 31 December 2007


Zöe is a super nursery nurse that used to work with Luz on home visits when we lived in England. She used to bring with her a lot of different toys some of which became Luz's favourites. Favourite number one was "cookie puzzle". She liked it so much that we decided to use it for her first "computer game"... Luz loves computers but working out the mouse was an obstacle. So two months ago we finally got her a touchscreen and Roberto started creating little softwares for her. The first had to be the cookies, we had that idea waiting for sometime. We started using "backward chaining" with it about a month ago but we had never seen her actually fit any of the pieces without prompting... until today! She just fitted all of them! I was so surprised!... She loves to move things around on the screen so until today I thought she was just concentrated on this little pleasure, without really caring where the objects where moving to.

Friday, 21 December 2007

sleep, or lack of...

For several months now, Luz has been sleeping more irregularly than usual. Waking up several times, sometimes crying unconsolably, sometimes going back to sleep right away, once we've come to her to snug her back to bed (she will otherwise stay sitting up, waiting for us).A couple of weeks ago we started treatment with melatonin. For the moment, this helps her to fall a sleep at a decent time, but she's still waking up several times per night (ranging from twice a night, on rare occasions, to six times a night... not so rare).
Mom and Dad are quite tired by now, and she seems undisturbed!